Girls Run 2 in Forbes Magazine

“How Saucony Is Winning The Shoe Race By Inspiring The Human Spirit” is a fantastic article highlighting the Find Your Strong project of Saucony shoe company. The article talks about the Finding Strong film and highlights Coach Cintia Guzman and the Girls Run 2 team.

What she’s teaching them is running skills, but what they’re learning is how to be strong and how to build confidence in themselves and in one another. And, ultimately, they reach what we talk about in this film — this “higher place” in the community.

As a result of the track club girls are bonding together, they’re creating new relationships and friendships. They’re going on to high schools and secondary education colleges. The excitement and energy that you see when you’re looking at this documentary of these young girls is amazing. What they’re getting out of this program is a little manifestation of how communities are empowering the human spirit through running. It’s changing communities.
— John Ellett, Forbes