Medina's New Eye

Three weeks ago team member Medina got a new eye. After a thorn punctured her eye almost ten years ago, Medina was blind in one eye. Apparently part of the thorn that injured her remained inside and her body tried to reject the thorn, slowly forcing it out. Medina suffered headaches and pain from the inability to fully close her eyelid and keep dust out.

After joining Girls Run 2, Medina’s running dramatically improved and she grew into one of the strongest runners, her stride graceful, long, and powerful. But she was hindered by the pain and self-consciousness.

Through Coach Cintia’s connections at Peltier Hospital, Medina was able to receive surgery to remove the damaged part. After the eye healed, the doctor fitted her with a prosthetic.

Pain-free and with a new-found confidence, Medina hit the roads again for training and is looking forward to returning to school in the fall, now able to ride the bus without people staring, able to study without headaches, able to run without pain.